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An Instagram project by Deepak ‘Chuck’ Gopalakrishnan & Divya Ramesh, where we make fun of the noble profession of advertising through the medium of cat photos.


We’d like to say that AgencyTrashTalk is socio-cultural satire channelling profession-specific insights into an easy-to-consume medium, except that’s exactly the kind of thing we make fun of. 


The truth is, we love taking pics of our kitties (which cat parent doesn’t?). We have… thoughts about advertising and the way it’s done. Combine them and you have a cult little Instagram handle, followed mostly by folks in Indian advertising and marketing, fed up with bad clients, “social media strategy”, hollow HR speak and more. As a friend put it, “Advertising ki kahani, Billiyon ki zubani.”


ATT features Orion, Zoya, and formerly, Anna (RIP).


In the media!


aFaqs! feature: We were profiled on India’s leading advertising-marketing website, in Nov 2020.

Mid-Day feature: ATT was among the cat-focused Instagram profiles to be featured on International Cat Day!

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