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Hi! I’m Deepak. Friends call me Chuck.

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by.

I’m a freelancer who does work in digital marketing and content. 

Along with my wife Divya, I run an informal collective called Rough Paper that works with companies for their content requirements and honest, gas-free marketing advice. I teach a digital marketing course of my own, and often do so at universities. I run three podcasts (Simblified, The Origin of Things, Getting Meta) and a newsletter (Things of Internet). I'm a happy evangelist of the freelance life.


I’ve worked at PaytmInsider, OML Entertainment, Indigo Consulting (Leo Burnett), Ogilvy, Windchimes Communications, Tata Steel and Accenture (I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who exists with that combination). I’m an alumnus of GEC Thrissur and MICA  Ahmedabad, making the very natural transition from chemical engineering to brand planning.


I’ve been published in The Hard Copy, Arré, Sify, Cricinfo, Firstpost, Pagalguy, Sportskeeda, NH7, Business Today, NatGeo India, CNBC, Huffington Post and the back pages of my school notebooks. I’ve written about marketing, design, politics, sports, and done a few cartoons too. Much of this can be found on this website!


I love most forms of rock & heavy metal with an inclination for progressive and anything melodic. I love cycling, hiking, wordplay, spicy food and cold water. While I’m not an avid book reader, I consume a lot of written content online from a variety of sources. I live in Mumbai with my wife, two cats and planar magnetic headphones.


I’m often up to a bunch of things, so this Linktree is the best way to stay updated. I’ll mail once a month. Subscribe here


Me on the socials: Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn


For anything else you need, fill out the handy-dandy form below this page. I’ll get back in a day. Promise.

PS: Why "Chuck"? It's a nickname a frustrated friend gave me in college. It's the amalgamation of the Malayalam slang word for bad jokes (chali, literally 'mud') and my real name. So... Yeah. 

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