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Private Sessions and Workshops

Need a custom course?

// For you // Your team // Your agency // Your marketing department

// Your non-marketing department // Your drinking party (I don’t judge) or something else?

I can help.

I’ve taken a couple of private sessions for individuals.

These are priced higher than the basics in a digital marketing course. While that’s ₹6000 for ~20 hours, this will work out to ₹2000-4000 per hour depending on the requirement, the number of people, depth of the topic, the research I’ll need to do beforehand, length of engagement, whether I get any of those drinks, etc.


Either way, I am happy to build a custom course for you! I’ve done two such engagements for individuals and am working on a couple more for companies. 


I’d love to help out, and even offer a hybrid solution (you could take the course, and then do an add-on session - this might be more cost-effective for you as well). Keep in mind, though, that the course I conduct happens only on weekends.


Let’s see how we can do this!

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