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Fun conversations about the world around us

Chuck | Naren | Srikeit | Tony

Simblified is a silly little podcast that gives four friends the excuse to get onto a Zoom call every few weeks, completely unaware that the “record” button is on. 


In this show, your four hosts try to deconstruct the world around us, often by doing copious amounts of Wikipedia research and adding in lots of puns and PG Wodehouse references. Each week, the hosts look at something new that’s happening and aim to make the listener marginally smarter than when they started the episode. Often, the show has guests who are way smarter. The show features a Profundity of the Day, a hat-tip to the words of wisdom that grace family Whatsapp groups, and several in-jokes that long-time listeners will enjoy.


And long-time it is, too - Simblified is 240+ episodes old, has had a physical “live” show, and two virtual ones.


Listen to Simblified on:

Spotify | Google Podcasts | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Headfone | Castbox | TuneIn | Gaana | JioSaavn


No podcast app? ‘Listen’ to the whole thing on this YouTube playlist.

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