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I help people understand how to use the internet for marketing

Since 2013, I’ve taught digital marketing in universities across India and now, I run my own online course.

My students have ranged from undergraduates to entrepreneurs. My focus is on the strategic and creative side of digital marketing.

My approach:

Simple frameworks, backed up with loads of examples and success stories. And fun. Learning should be fun.

I teach in three different ways...

The NoFaff Sessions

My own digital marketing basics course, tailored for working professionals. 9 sessions, conducted live on weekends. Gas-free.

Currently, offering recorded sessions

Courses in universities

I do guest lectures and full courses for undergrad, and post-grad. I keep things practical and tailored for folks who’ll start work soon.

Private sessions & workshops

Need something customized for yourself or your team? I can help. I’ll throw in a few fun exercises, too!

Why am I qualified to teach?

(Good question, I ask myself that).

I’ve worked in digital marketing proper for over a decade

Including leading the digital planning teams at Ogilvy & Leo Burnett India - working on more brands, categories and pitches than Powerpoint was intended for. While freelancing, I've encountered entrepreneurs looking to use digital practically. 


I’ve done various personal projects

Such as newsletters, podcasts and other things. Plus, I've interacted with several folks doing cool things which adds a different perspective. Basically, I myself learn from "non-marketing" spaces.


I’m a digital gadabout

Perpetually curious about how companies are using the internet to communicate to their (cough) target audiences. I read a fair bit.

People who I’ve taught have good things to say. Mostly.

Some have even become clients. Some even friends!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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