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A jargon-free, practical introduction to digital marketing

faff: Spend time in ineffectual activity.

From 18th century ‘faffle’ (blow in puffs, describing the wind)


  • “Stop faffing bro, we need to leave now.”

  • “This deck is a pile of faff, it says nothing useful”


Also known as: pfaff, globe, gas, consulting_document_final_v3.pptx

Practical. Useful. Gas-free.

This course is built for working professionals trying to understand the world of digital.
It’s a practical, examples-laden course meant to cover the basics (and then some) with useful frameworks and loads of examples. And appearances by my cats. So far, I’ve taught 300+ students over four batches.

I am currently not conducting a live batch.

However, I am offering the recordings of the last batch.

All details you need, below.

The recorded course costs ₹4000 + GST

The live version was ₹6000 + GST.

A free lifetime subscription to a newsletter I run, included!

What past students say

“The depth of examples you shared has been mind-blowing, I've never seen that level of depth in anything else that I've taken up whether academically or otherwise."

—  Aviral, who was a student at a Bschool when he took the course

I'm in!

Sweet! Fill out the below form, and I’ll get back to you in a few hours with payment details. Currently, I am offering just the recorded sessions (₹4000 + GST).

You don't need to make a payment in this form, I'll send you details on mail.

Thanks so much! I'll get back to you on email shortly.

Still have questions?

See something missing? Maybe want another timing? Have clarifications? Wondering what my cats' names are?

All valid questions. Mail me, and I’ll reply in 24 hours.

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