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I’ve always tried doing things outside of work. Many of these things have helped me immensely and have become passion projects by themselves. So here’s one page for all of them!

The Origin of Things

A short-format podcast, with dramatized origin of famous brands. Currently 2 seasons and 50 episodes old. Season 3 in the works!


A 240+ episode podcast which I co-host with 3 friends. A light-hearted conversation on the world around us, aiming to make you marginally smarter than when you started.


An Instagram account where my wife and I make fun of the noble profession of advertising using photos of our cats.

Getting Meta

A new podcast where I speak to some very smart folks to eke out habits, mental models and more. It's somewhere between "productivity" and "how to live better". 

Things of Internet

A paid weekly newsletter where I share some interesting things from the world of the internet and digital communication.

₹300 a year / ₹2000 for life. 

Music Playlists

I love rock and metal, and making playlists of my favourite songs by favourite bands. The idea is to help newbies and veterans find something they like \m/

Personal Projects

Listening sessions, events & things

I do a few things once in a while, like guided music listening sessions, webinars and stuff. I have a few personal projects lined up, too. If you’d like to be updated with stuff I do, check out my Linktree below, and sign up there for updates (and thank you!).

 Chuck’s Linktree -> 


Other / older projects and miscellaneous other things

The Third Slip (newsletter)

TTS was the ultimate passion project - 200+ editions where a friend (Tony) and I would summarise the news of the week along with a barrage of puns. Finally, thanks to demanding schedules, we decided to wind down in early 2021. We’d like to think we had a cult following, and a fair bit of support on Patreon as well! We will always look back at TTS fondly and cherish the many groans (and news, apparently) we gave people.

Stand-up comedy

Oh yeah, I’ve made a fool of myself on stage several time. Mostly B-school oriented comedy, starting with a well-received set in 2012 at the Pagalguy annual meet. Later, I was confident enough to take an improved version of the act to B schools, including a PPT. Not kidding. It was fun while it lasted, and probably the best video of this is a set I did at IIM Kozhikode in 2014. I’ve mostly performed in B-schools (IIM-A, IIM-K, MICA, NMIMS, GIM, LIBA, IIM-Raipur, IIM-Udaipur, FMS) but have done some general comedy as well, winning a couple of open mics and things. 

TEDx Talk at XIM, Bhubaneshwar

So… Yeah. That happened. Not sure why. But it happened. I did meet Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor there, though, so that was nice.

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