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A weekly, paid newsletter by Deepak ‘Chuck’ Gopalakrishnan, on cool digital things and how the internet’s being used for communications.
₹400 a year; ₹2500 for life (incl. GST)

This newsletter features some interesting digital work every week. This could be something a brand did, a compilation of work under a certain theme, elaborating on a major trend or an opinion Often, I dig into the archives (well, 2010) as well. Each edition features several recommendations for articles, books, podcasts, videos, music and websites. It's ideal for those in marketing and advertising, or simply love the internet, trivia and finding new things. It'll be insightful / useful / fun. Hopefully all three! Samples below.

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₹400 (yearly)

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I’ll be sending the newsletter to the email ID you mention in the form above. I’ll manually send you a confirmation and thank you note as well. 

Free for students!

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Yup. No matter what you’re studying, or where*. The newsletter will be free till the end of the calendar year you graduate in, and then I'll politely ask you to buy a subscription :)

*”Student of life” and “MBA in s@rcasm” don’t count.

I launched Things of Internet in June 2020, initially meant to be a weekly for students of my digital marketing course, till a friend recommended I hive it off separately. It has over a 1000 subscribers with an average open rate of well over 40%. For a newsletter that frequently tops 1000 words, I think that's pretty ok. Subscribers include marketing professionals, students, quizzers, agency folks, designers and several others.

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