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Playlists by Chuck

I love making music playlists. I've always made them, but for personal consumption (I'm one of those who still uses MP3/FLAC and Winamp. Yes, Winamp). Now, I'm getting to converting these m3u files into formats that the rest of the world can actually use. Keep checking back on this page, I'll be adding more: Ranging from my favourites for a band, to the evolution of rock, or best of a genre, or favourite Indian Indie stuff. 


Led Zeppelin

The hard rock band of the 70s. Nobody married blues and rock better, harder or more effectively. Four insanely talented musicians, one decade of breathless, mind-blowing music. Led Zeppelin can even be credited for inventing a genre (heavy metal) they themselves technically didn't play. Legends.

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Pink Floyd

Few artists​ can claim to have the amount of impact on culture and music as Floyd did, evolving from art-school whimsy, to progressive titans to... Well, the "solo years" as a sad coda. But Syd, Roger, Nick, Richard and David gave the world some seminal songs. I have three playlists for you:

Iron Maiden

The longevity and fanbase of Maiden is testament to the music they make and how they move people. For 40 years, they've been churning out track after track that sound different, yet similar. Steve and the boys have something special going - and one heck of a discography. Maiden was one of the bands I fell in love with first, and this list has evolved over time. Enjoy, and up the irons \m/

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Dream Theater

The kings of progressive metal are respected and derided in equal amount (both very deserved). But for fans of the genre - nobody does it better, at least not as consistently as these New Yorkers. You've probably already heard of their virtuoso playing and "wankery". That is certainly true - but beneath that is skilled songwriting and emotional depth. Give them a try, and if you don't like what you hear, you're unlikely to be converted by anything else they do. 

Playlist of my favourites: Spotify | Apple MusicYouTube

Playlist for beginners: Spotify | Apple MusicYouTube


I'm a sucker for melodic choruses in metal and to my mind nobody does them better than Florida's Trivium. One of the best shows I've seen in my life was them at Graspop 2019 - unexpectedly topping my list of live experiences. Growls/screams alert.

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Thank You Scientist

One of my favourite new bands is a jazz-progressive rock sextet from New Jersey. They're geeky, fun, melodic, insanely virtuosic... They have a violin, sax and trumpet, all in a traditional rock setting. They sound like Dream Theater trying to have fun rather than show off. You will not regret this, trust me. 

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Red Hot Chili Peppers

You cannot NOT love the Peppers. Their mix of funk, melody, crazy instrumental work (especially Flea's bass) gives them such a unique sound that should please the snobs while filling stadiums (arcadiums). 

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Porcupine Tree

The ultimate modern-day prog rock band. Some people love their melodic work, some people dig the production, some sadists like the lyrics too! There's no denying that Porcupine Tree are among the most influential and revered bands this side of 1990. Here's a dig in to some wonderful songs by this Steven Wilson-headed project.

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An introduction to Indian Rock & Metal

I'm a big fan of the 'scene' and am constantly memserised by the amount of talent and variety our country has. I made this playlist to act as an introduction to the various kinds of rock and metal in the country - ranging from gentle singer-songwriter to brutal metal. From good ol' blues rock to Carnatic metal. English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil. It's all here. 

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The Swedish masterminds make some of the most challenging, cerebral and, ultimately, rewarding progressive metal/rock out there. They have grown to become one of my favourite bands of all time. But I'll also admit they're tough to get into - so there's a special playlist to help folks get into them and discover what makes them brilliant. 

Playlist of my favourites: Spotify | Apple MusicYouTube

Playlist for beginners: Spotify | Apple MusicYouTube

Oh, and I made a list of some of my favourite Opeth "segments". Think of these as highlights. Yes I have strange hobbies...



Accessible heavy metal from one of the best contemporary acts around. Technically great, multiple vocalists, immensely hummable choruses, terrific guitar solos.

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The melancholy Swedes are one of the best "mood" metal bands out there. Great for low-light headphone listening. For fans of Porcupine Tree, Riverside, and anything post-rock.

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Chuck's favourite songs of 2022

It's been an excellent year for new music. Here are my personal favourites, ranked. Rock, metal, prog and some surprises. To keep things fair, just one song per band. Enjoy \m/

Playlist on: Spotify | Apple MusicYouTube : These songs are more or less ranked.

There was so much good music, that I made a runner's up list too. 

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Between The Buried And Me

They are an extraordinary band. Anyone who is into quick-based prog metal will absolutely love them. They are not for everyone - the shifts are startling and more in-your-face than Opeth or DT and the song lengths are incredibly challenging. But for fans, here are five guys insanely good at their craft, blending the brutal with the melodious and even eccentric. Their moments of "release" after minutes of brutal instrumental are among the most cathartic in all of heavy music. One of the finest progressive metal acts from the 21st century. The top 5 songs here, if nothing else, are absolute gold standards.

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One of the best modern-day prog rock bands are Riverside from Poland. Great melodies, atmosphere and guitar playing. Certainly for fans of Porcupine Tree and The Pineapple Thief.

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That's it for now - many more playlists will come!

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