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Getting Meta

Chuck's podcast on productivity, mental models & living better

Getting Meta is a show where I  speak to some very smart people to unravel their habits, thought processes, tools and mental models - which can then be applied by anyone, from any field. I speak to authors, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and just people who lead that elusive "sorted" life.


The show focuses less on their achievements or field, and more on them as a person and their ways of thinking - hence, getting meta with them. Because of the nature of the show, these are questions some of the interviewees have never been asked before - ranging from the personal to the professional. Each episode aims to inspire, entertain and leave you with things to ask yourself, frameworks to apply and good content to check out.

The first season (10 episodes) features Amit Varma (writer and podcaster, host of the excellent The Seen & The Unseen), Rohan Joshi (comedian, co-founder of AIB), Utsav Mamoria (host, Postcards from Nowhere), Meeta Malhotra (partner, Ray & Kesavan & serial entrepreneur) and many more, whom you can see in this nifty slideshow below.

Getting Meta Season 1 Guests

Listen to Getting Meta on:

Spotify | Google Podcasts | Apple Podcasts 


No podcast app? ‘Listen’ to the whole thing on this YouTube playlist.

Here's the show on Spotify
Though you should start with episode 1, rather than the bonus episodes annoying shown in the preview here.

In the media

  • Prior to release, Getting Meta was featured in a Mid-Day article!

  • Not exactly "media", but a listener of the show converted my episodes into these beautiful handwritten notes, which you can see here.

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