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A weekly, pun-filled, news-summary newsletter by Chuck & Tony


Wish you could keep up with all the news that’s happening?

Wish there was someone to curate some good reads for you?

Wish that all the bad news that’s happening around the world had a dose of silly puns to go along with it? 


Boy, do we have something for you. Every Sunday evening, Chuck & Tony send out an email newsletter that’ll give you all of the above in just 10 minutes. It’s free, and we’ve been doing it for close to 200 weeks running!


We’ve got a loyal base of readers, and we’re very proud of the fact that we’ve been hitting 40%+ open rates since we began. We’ve constantly got good feedback and dare we say, have a community that we affectionately call ‘Slippers’.

While we never had an ideology to begin with (we started TTS just to write something), we have veered on the side of fairness, equality and logic. In some quarters, that’s called left-liberal, or left-of-center. Some other quarters call it librandu, anti-capitalism and more colorful language. We just call it common sense and what helps you sleep better at night.

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TTS is a complete passion project and will always be free. It’s made possible by a lot of coffee, love of our readers… and the support by some generous patrons.


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